Amtrak Train Vacations to

Glenwood Springs and Aspen

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Most of us have been to Glenwood Springs and Aspen by car, but not in the winter.

Instead of traffic jams and icy mountain passes, the train travels through deep forests, steep hidden canyons, along the Colorado River and then into the famous Glenwood Canyon. 

In all of Amtrak's more than 23,000 track miles throughout the nation, the Glenwood Canyon segment is regarded as the most scenic.

This is our third escorted trip. John Edwards has organized, arranged the ticketing and lodging reservations and will personally escort the trip.

He has working relationships with Amtrak, the hotels and Glenwood Caverns. He knows the local bus and taxi system, hot springs rates, gondola fees and the best affordable restaurants.  No rental car is needed.

Hidden Canyons, Only theTrain Tracks

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Ride through hidden mountain canyons where there are no roads. The train follows along the banks of the Colorado River and finally through the Glenwood Canyon.  Enjoy the scenery. No icy roads to divert your attention and enjoyment.

Soak in the famous Glenwood Hot Springs Pool or the newer Iron Mountain Springs with 16 separate pools.

Visit the Glenwood Adventure park and Caverns on the mountainside high above town.

There will be an optional live music dance with the all-women Queens Bees Blues Band up in the mountain event center at the Glenwood Adventure Park.

Ride the luxury commuter bus to Aspen to tour the town, museums and shops. Maybe take a gondola ride up the mountain.

Visit the historic Yampa Caves and Spa.

Return home on Sunday afternoon from downtown Glenwood Springs. Enjoying the Glenwood Canyon again and arrive at Union Station after 7 p.m.  

A relaxed rolling vacation.

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We will meet at Union Station in downtown Denver on Thursday morning at 7 a.m. You can bring two bags plus personal items.

**Do not try to park downtown or at Union Station.  It is extremely expensive and not that safe.**

Instead, catch the RTD Light Rail from a stop near your home that has visible parking for only $2 a day. 

In the Amtrak waiting section in Union Station, John will have your ticket checked by the station manager. Later he will meet the train's conductor and arrange seating for our group's seats.  

While waiting to board the train for the 8:05 departure, there is a breakfast deli in Union Station.  

However, you should bring your own food and soft drinks in a small soft cooler for the five hour train trip. There is a snack bar on the train.

Watch Great Scenery, Not the Highway!

Our passengers will be assigned open seats not taken by full route passengers. In addition to individual passenger reclining seats (with no middle seat), travelers can also watch the passing scenery and wildlife from the glass-enclosed dining car and the observation car. Personal items can go under or above the seat.  Baggage is stored on the lower level of each car.

Viewing Cars

In addition to relaxing in comfortable individual reclining seating, passengers can go to the dining room and the dome viewing cars.  Seats have charging outlets for mobile devices.

Staying at the large Silver Spruce Motel

Our group will be staying at The Silver Spruce Inn, one of the largest motels in Glenwood Springs. We have stayed there several times. The hot breakfast is included.  Restaurants, hot springs pools, the Glenwood Caverns aerial gondola, the downtown bridge and the city bus stop are just blocks away.

Silver Spruce Double Room

Our reserved rooms have two double beds, microwave, refrigerator. 40" television, 60 cable channels, and free wi-fi. Taxi service will be provided on arrival to the Silver Spruce Inn and then back to the Amtrak station on Sunday.

The Lure of the Hot Springs

The world-famous Glenwood Hot Springs are only a few blocks walk from our hotel. The huge pool costs $39 for the entire day. Start the day early with a swim and soak. Then take a tour, hike along the river, visit the shops and after dinner return to soak until closing at nine.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs with 16 pools

The newer Iron Mountain Hot Springs overlooking the Colorado River are several blocks away from our hotel. There are 16 pools of differing temperatures. It is more expensive and does require reservations for set time periods of soaking. 

The Aspen Bus and Individual Tour

A commuter bus goes from downtown Glenwood Springs to Aspen every half hour. The bus stops in Aspen at the base of the ski slopes. The rate is $10 each way but seniors 62+ ride for free.

Take the Aspen Gondola to the Top

Our travelers can take the optional Silver Queen Gondola up the famous slopes above town to the large mountain top restaurant. View the scenery and the rich tourists.

Glenwood Adventure Park and Caverns

On the mountainside above Glenwood Springs is the Glenwood Adventure Park and Caverns. The gondola station to get up to the park is only one block from our hotel.

Most of the adventure park rides are closed in the winter but the alpine sled and the cavern tours are still operating.

Go up on Friday afternoon to tour the caverns. Stay and dance to the all-women "Queen Bees Blues Band" playing from 4 to 7.

The historic Yampa Caves and Spa

Another unique attraction is the historic Yampa Caves and Spa. The underground natural steam rooms were discovered by the Ute Indians. The only natural steam caves in North America have been operating for 128 years. They are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The admission is $17 for a two hour visit. Massages, facials and salon treatments are available.

Wine, Cheese and Dancing Nightly

Every evening at nine, our guests can meet in the event room of the Silver Spruce Inn. Bring your bottle of wine and enjoy our favorite music for dancing.  A liquor store is nearby.

The Escorted Glenwood Springs and Aspen Tour includes:

The $258 deposit price includes the round-trip Amtrak ticket, train to hotel transportation and escorts' expense and services fees of $ 80 

We are booking the more expensive fully-refundable  Amtrak Flexible Fare train tickets in case our passengers need to cancel. Hotel charges must be paid by individual credit cards at the Silver Spruce Inn.

Other activitities fees as described are paid as used.

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